viernes, 18 de septiembre de 2015

The Changes in the Geography of Linux World

Maybe you remember how the explorer Dedoimedo, back on May 13, 2011, produced the first map showing the world of Linux.

Since then, many events have taken place in the universe of technology: Steve Jobs passed away and Tim Cook started directing Apple, Steve Ballmer, who called Linux a cancer, stepped down from his position as CEO and Satya Nadella took the reins at Microsoft, claiming that "Microsoft loves Linux".

One can also remember Valve's release of a native Linux Steam client, the systemd storm, the bankruptcy of Mandriva S.A., the tension between the Ubuntu community and Canonical, to mention some of the most notorious changes in the world of Linux in these four years that have elapsed since the map was created.

Those events have impacted the geography of Linux, so I decided to adapt the map to show the changes.

The geography of Linux in 2015.  Adapted from Dedoimedo's work.
1.  Xandros disappeared.
2.  Mepis has vanished; MX was created later.
3.  Mageia 1 was released.
4.  Pardus became Debianized, ditching the Pisi package manager in the process.  Pisi Linux is born as a response.
5.  The OpenMandriva Association released OpenMandriva Lx.
6.  Microsoft admits it is using Linux.

Wow!  All these in four years!

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