Japanese Input in Mandriva 2010

To activate Japanese IME in Mandriva 2010, the following packages are needed:

1. Japanese fonts (Use MCC to get them)
2. Scim (and all of its dependencies)
3. Canna (and its dependencies)
4. UIM (make sure that the bridging packages are included)

Once all the packages are installed,open the terminal Konsole and use SU to log in as root with your password.

Then go to /etc/sysconfig by using
cd etc
cd sysconfig

once there, activate gedit by typying gedit. The idea is to modify a file called i18n.
Gedit will open. Using the open menu, locate the file i18n. Once it is displayed, append the following lines to it and save it.

XIM_PROGRAM=”scim -d”

Reboot and launch Open Office. You will notice an icon of a keyboard that appears on the bar. That means that IME is working. All you have to do is select the language when typying.
You can also input Thai:ไรำ or Korean:쟟 if you install the corresponding fonts using MCC.

UPDATE: Mandriva 2010.1 presents a problem in Open Office.org that prevents SCIM from launching and, therefore, you cannot type in Japanese.  To solve it, remove the packages described in "SCIM compatibility with Open Office" here.