viernes, 6 de abril de 2012

Ubuntu used in a video about viruses?

I was bored yesterday and this Yahoo! feature got my attention. It is about how tell if your "PC has a virus".

I might be mistaken, but the image they used to illustrate the first symptom of those annoying virus infections that plague Windows users seems to have come from... a computer running Ubuntu!

If that's the case and the illustration was used unknowingly, the reporter really needs to evaluate her sources.

However, if it was used intentionally, then "frequent crashes" in Ubuntu are being used as a misrepresentation of virus infections... For what purpose, I ask?

Judge it yourselves...

3 comentarios:

  1. Yes, it surely looks like Ubuntu to my untrained eye! That is weird...couldn't the author find a Windows-related illustration since she was talking only about Windows? Is there a shortage of images of Windows error messages or something?

    Now, if the image was used intentionally, Ubuntu users won't be quite happy...

  2. Seems like she was teasing Ubuntu and in general Linux.

    The image says : Frequent Crashes.

    And she does not know, that it is actually a so great tool that allows the user to report bugs and prevent the system from going berserk.

    She does not know maybe it is a Beta release still being forged, an dthat crashes and bugs are a normal stage towards a stable release.
    She'd better upgrade her life.

  3. everything posted in yahoo! is sooooo newbie.... This blog has a far more scientific character than any of those posts.... even mine has. lol thank god for the teachers in college being so bitchy about the sources and objectivity.


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