miércoles, 13 de junio de 2012

The story of Eimi's HD failure

Eimi got up and snatched one of my magazines... (courtesy of Megatotoro)
My daughter Eimi loves computers ("pah-teh", as she calls them). One of her favorite activities is to turn on her desktop PC and take me to it to play music videos.  This PC runs Mandriva Desktop 2011 and, thanks to the convenient ROSA Time Frame, Eimi, bouncing on the chair with joy, simply points to the enlarged icon of the video that she wants to see.  Sometimes, she utters a word to identify the video.  For example, Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistible" is "mamá", Totoro's song is "toto" and, to my distress, Eimi never fails to identify the clip of Mr. Bean dancing "Mr. Bombastic" as "papá". 
"Mamá" vs "Papá"  C'mon, Eimi!

We were watching some YouTube clips when the computer rebooted and the OS refused to launch.  It turns out that there was a power surge and some sectors of the HD fried.  Yes, it was my fault because I forgot to replace the old PSU unit.

Luckily, I could reinstall the system to a different partition in less than 20 minutes...that was the Windows partition, but Eimi will not miss that OS, I'm sure :-)

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  1. Well, at that age, children haven't learned what lies are, Mr. Bombastic! :P

  2. lol funny! Mr Bombastic!!! xD

    One advice I know is true. The PSU is for me the piece of hardware one should invest most when building a desktop. Because then with a power surge the PSU will protect the rest of the hardware. I got myself a Corsair HX 750W. It's a little too much for most desktops, but most important when shopping for a PSU is the 80plus certificate (being there bronze silver and gold) which guarantees the efficiency of the power usage. Mine is silver :D

    1. @Fenrir,
      You are definitely right...and I also corrected the acronym, thanks! ;-)

      However, the HD failed again I am suspecting Mandriva 2011 has something to do with it. Just to test my hypothesis, I made the box a Mageia 2 install two hours ago... Let's see how it behaves.


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