miércoles, 10 de octubre de 2012

Children, beware! This monster came for you!

During the celebration of the Software Freedom day, there were several activities in the University where I work.  I realized that day that the One Laptop Per Child project was working in my country.

The Browser came to get ya!!!
Today, I discovered that the Quiros-Tanzi Foundation, the NGO that handles the XO computers of OLPC, launched its first TV campaign to promote the goal of distributing the inexpensive computers.  The TV ad features a simple concept: children are afraid of a hideous creature called "The Browser," who can find them anywhere.  The point of the ad is that children should not see technology as a monster. Interestingly, this 2009 video proves that even adults ignore what a browser is!

 When I saw the TV feature, I found it rather fun and could not help but to think that it was inspired by the imaginary monster called "the Backson" in a Winnie the Pooh movie.

The case is that "the Browser" is enjoying a wide acceptance and, more importantly, this "monster" has put the OLPC project on our local map.  Of course, I am now waiting to see the reaction of Microsoft and its sidekicks now that children in the country will be exposed to Linux in elementary schools...

You can see the ad (in Spanish) here, followed by my rough translation of the song.

They say that it has donkey ears,
pig hooves, and its body is covered with fur,
he has a giant eye and an awful breath.

The Browser, the Browser,
Everyone, it's the Browser!
The Browser, the Browser
He is coming for us!

Child: "And how does the Browser find you? "
The Browser:  "They are about to tell you"

He can find you inside of the closet,
he can find you in the dark of the night,
and even under your mother's skirt!
They say that he morphs into objects,
he fits in the freezer
and he finds you at the concert...
Everywhere he's going to find you!

The Browser, the Browser,
Everyone, it's the Browser!
The Browser, the Browser
He is coming for us!

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  1. Now the Browser is everywhere! I watched it yesterday on TV.

    As you said, soon MS will make its move to counter this campaign...

    By the way, the video about the adults who ignored what a browser was really called for a face palm!


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