martes, 14 de julio de 2015

Seen on Yahoo: Mageia a Great Desktop Distro

I saw this tonight.  It's an article that talks about good Linux desktops.

Two things caught my eye:

1.  The sheer admission that desktop Linux is on the rise.  This is something I have suspected for quite a long time, but sites like StatCounter and Netmarketshare have been denying it with their questionable numbers and that biased tech-journalists keep hiding/misinforming.

2.  When I read the article, I was surprised not to see the usual distros there: Ubuntu, Mint...

And then there's mentioning of Mageia!

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  1. That's certainly refreshing! I must say that, in my opinion, Mageia is the one that looks best; I don't like the flat look of all the others. Still, it's great to see more articles about Linux in mainstream news.


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