jueves, 5 de noviembre de 2015

What happened to Mepis?

My Linux migration story started in 2009, when I bought a tiny Asus Eee pc netbook pre-installed with Linux, a version of Xandros that I did not like much.

In trying to replace it, I had my first encounter with Xubuntu (no wi-fi support), Debian (minimal shell), and Mandriva, which I installed because it supported wi-fi out of the box.

My brother, Megatotoro, decided to find a Linux distro more to his liking and chose Mepis.

Mepis became the distro of choice for rescue purposes: in live mode, it was perfect to get inside a misbehaving Windows install and retrieve important files.  However, after we abandoned Windows for good, I could see that Mepis could shine with its own light, not just because it was a great rescue tool to have around for those frequent times in which Windows failed.

With Mepis 2011, Warren Woodford, the creator of Mepis, achieved a beautiful polish and rock-solid stability.  I never understood why this distro was not so popular in the DistroWatch ranking.

Then, the development of Mepis stalled and Warren Woodford went silent after a communication on November 5th, 2013.

This happened exactly two years ago.

Mepis is now marked as dormant in DistroWatch.

Of course, the Mepis community has been active all this time.  While some have switched distros, others have stayed.

The fusion of the Mepis and the AntiX communities originated MX Linux.

I still miss Mepis, though.

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  1. I also miss Mepis, as many other community members do. However, I've found that MX is a great sucessor. The devs work hard and have reached a level of polish and functionality that rivals with that of Mepis, although I'd say it surpasses it. For example, the remixing and persistance tools, the codec tool, the iBus adding tool and so many others (shared by the antiX team) were not present (or possible) in Mepis. The original Mepis tools have been polished, too. MX-15 will now come in both 32 and 64 bit versions (it was 32 bit-only before).

    Oh, and the most important: MX-15 will come with an optional cat wallpaper! :P

  2. You just got me inboard with the cat wallpaper. You surely know where to place your bait! :p


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