sábado, 11 de junio de 2016

Let's wait a bit longer

I recently learned that the guys at Openmandriva camp are working hard and are going to release a release candidate soon.

Mageia is doing the same.  That means that two of my favorite distros will have a new version to offer.

What makes me uneasy is KDE 5. I am not a big fan of this desktop environment.

Oh, and I read yesterday that PCLOS is releasing a new iso... also with KDE 5!  My reaction was that of Julius Caesar: "Et tu, PCLOS! Then, fall, Mechatotoro!"

But the PCLOS devs understand that not everyone is crazy about KDE 5, so they kindly and wisely state that "you can keep your KDE 4 if you want to because nobody is going to force you to use KDE 5."

That's good news.

There's nothing worse that being forced-fed something you do not want.  Ask Windows users about it; they have plenty of experience... :p

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  1. The PCLOS guys are very wise. Still, I guess there will be a moment in which keeping the old stuff or making it work will be too bothersome for developers. Then, we will be forced to make a decision: either using the new KDE or looking for something else. I guess I looked for something else already. If they will not allow me to have different wallpapers on my desktops, at least I'll keep painting with fire on the screen! If KDE 5 lets me do that too, then I'll go back to it.


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