domingo, 29 de julio de 2018

The Nostalgia of Old Games

I have never been much of a gamer.  However, I admit that, back as a Windows user, I got hooked on several titles, such as "Doom," "Heretic," and "Tomb Rider-- The Last Revelation".

My favorite games, though, were SNES ROMs that my brother, Megatotoro, taught me how to play with ZSNES.  Among them, I  recall "Super Puyo Puyo," "The Violinist of Hameln," "The 7th Saga," and "Bahamut Lagoon".

Today I found the old ROMs and, using WINE, I played them for a short while.

Wow, so many memories rushed to me!

The epic battles of Captain Kokoro (Byuu) and his faithful dragon Me (Salmando)!
A game that made me laugh and think a lot

This game had some of that sadness found in "This War of Mine"

I do not have the time to play them all again, but it was a nice visit to the past.

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  1. Both zSNES and SNES9x exist on GNU/Linux, along with others SNES emulators, so no need to use WINE here.

    1. Hi, Vivian. Thanks for the comment. I know, but I always seemed to hit a problem when I installed the GNU/Linux versions. That's why I ran WINE. Truth to be told, I used the native versions long ago. Maybe I should revisit them.


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