domingo, 19 de diciembre de 2010

A Quick Glance at Mandriva 2010.2


As I was updating my Mandriva Spring PowerPack, I noticed that it asked me whether or not I wanted to get version 2010.2 packages. I was a bit surprised because Mandriva promised to release that version (I ignore its code name) on the 22nd.

I decided to upgrade and discovered that the time for launching certain applications improved significantly (Gimp, for instance). The grub changed a bit, too. A new entry (alt-Windows) was added. When I booted, I saw that the grub says "Microsoft Windows" and not only "Windows". I also got Chromium for the collection of browsers that are included (Konqueror, Firefox, Opera).

Of course, there were some drawbacks. If you plan to install some applications, go ahead and do it BEFORE you upgrade because they can be left out. For example, I wanted to install Audacious but, after the upgrade, the dependencies were not selectable. The game Supertuxkart was another loss. The graphics are all messed up.

However, if you install Audacious, add the PLF repositories BEFORE YOU UPGRADE, or install any other software (from those programs I like, that is), there is no problem... except for Supertuxkart. I guess I'll have to entertain myself with Frozen Bubble instead.

Aside from that, my untrained eyes haven't seen anything else so far. Yet, I'm happy with the new responsiveness of the KDE environment, which was rather sluggish with Spring.

UPDATE: My netbook, which runs Mandriva ONE, reports in the control center that it is now Mandriva 2010.2. That's great because that is going to give the chance to evaluate its performance.

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  1. Nice to hear that Mandriva is alive.
    By the way, if you get tired of FB, you can try Emilia Pinball. The Tux table is quite good. Also, Funny Boat, altough simple, is quite amusing! :P

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. Emilia Pinball is nice, but I couldn't get Funny Boat. I got Bloboat, which is a strange game that reminds me of that crazy game of the motorcycle that you liked so much.

  3. Too bad about Funny Boat; it's quite fun. And yes, Bloboats resembles that crazy motorcycle a lot.

  4. Waw.. nice article :D
    So, what using KDE version on mandriva 2010.2? KDE 4.5 or 4.6?

  5. @ arief_spekta,

    Mandriva 2010.2 is built upon 2010.1, so the KDE base is 4.4.3
    Cooker uses 4.5 and I understand that KDE 4.6 has not been released as a stable version quite yet (it's in beta stage)

  6. I plan to move from Ubuntu-based distros to Mandriva, my first love. Alas, I can't find 2010.2 in any of the official or download mirrors.

  7. Yes, it was one day late, but it's available for download now.


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