miércoles, 13 de abril de 2011

Mageia Beta1 in pictures

After getting my desktop back, I picked up Megatotoro's challenge and installed Mageia Beta 1 to give it a short test drive. Instead of writing extensively about it, I will show you some screen captures.

1. Installation:

It's very Mandriva-like. Should I say PowerPackish? Well, since Mandriva might lose many of its distinct tools and looks, it's good to have a distro that might be more Mandrivish than Mandriva itself.

2. Mageia's own flavor:

My comments:
Although the artwork needs some improvement, the installation read-ons are very nice. Actually, not many distros thank people for their interest (and the "We will welcome you" is more than a motto, as I reported earlier). Thanks to those messages of appreciation, the HUMAN SIDE OF MAGEIA, I am starting to fall for this distro.

3. Points of convergence: Mageia Control Center and the DRAKES!

(The message says that RPMDrake must be updated)

4. Testing installed software: Frozen bubble

Installation of software with Mageia CC works!

5. Firefox 4:

A visit to three of my favorite sites:

Firefox 4 is FAST!!

6. Productivity Suite: Libre Office

Final Question: Is Mageia Beta 1 a Go or a No-Go?

I would venture to say that not only is Mageia promising as a distro, but that it will also fulfill the dream of keeping the Mandrake/Mandriva legacy alive. I, for one, will save a partition for Mageia.

5 comentarios:

  1. Hehe! It was about time you said something about Mageia!

    As you said, even if the artwork needs some polishing, I did notice its own touch when I inserted the DVD and read "Mageia Beta: Only for testing" (or something like that.) They are putting quite a lot of effort in making this new distro something "more human." I like their approach!

  2. I hope Mageia can take Mandriva where Mandriva can't afford to take it. What I mean is that URPMI needs either revamped or scrapped for something new, for instance. Mandriva is heavily strapped for cash, so anything that major won't happen.

    Really looking for Mageia to do well. Definitely going to try it out for a while.

  3. Please please Mageia, replace the iora theme with something else or default to oxygen!

    Thank you.

  4. @ Anónimo,

    Yep, I agree. Ugly theme is ugly. And the inconsistency in fonts doesn't help to deliver a cohesive feel either.