sábado, 2 de abril de 2011

Mageia's The Wizards Lair, a forum for convergence

Today I registered in the Mageia forums. I was a little self-conscious because of my limited technical knowledge and because I'm an active Mandriva user. To be honest, I was expecting a degree of rejection due to distro fanboyism.

However, my fears were unjustified: the forum welcomes everyone and I, in fact saw many of the familiar names in the Mandriva forums!

I really hope Magiea brings the two Linux communities together.

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  1. I also hope so. I've noticed that a number of Linux users go multi-distro. Still, some distro developers and forum keepers seem to ignore this reality. Restricting community interaction to just one distro is, in my opinion, taking away some of the freedom of Open Source. Of course, distro bashing is another thing.