domingo, 28 de agosto de 2011

Mandriva 2011 is here!

As promised, and right on time, Mandriva 2011 has been released. Its codename is "Hydrogen".

Mandriva now only supports KDE officially. For me, that's OK as I prefer to use KDE, but the other changes make me a little anxious. There is a revised installer, the RPM5 thing and, of course, the ROSA UI that is certainly beautiful but has both supporters and detractors. I guess I'd have to be counted in the latter group, but one never knows.

So, I'm right now donwloading and getting ready for testing. If someone with limited knowledge like me can handle the installation and the test drive, then the Mandriva team achieved their purpose.

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  1. Nice!! Does it come with the Oxygen theme? You should not use it...or your computer will start leaking! :P :P :P

  2. @Megatotoro: Oh dear. I never thought I'd see a bad chemistry joke on a Linux blog. I thought those puns were confined to my house!
    All kidding aside, I know you've seen the article on my blog, but anyway, regarding RPM, I think it's a positive change because I've noticed that there are more packages for RHEL and openSUSE that are now compatible with Mandriva that were previously incompatible.
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