domingo, 15 de enero de 2012

Mandriva: The ides of January are come

So, today is January 15. Tomorrow, we will know if Mandriva Linux, a distro that has been around since 1998, is gone. One can but find a resemblance between this date and the prophecy that the soothsayer gave to Julius Caesar in Shakespeare's tragedy.

Mandriva was originally named Mandrake and its motto was "a star is born". Well, unfortunately, heavenly bodies also die. Will Mandriva become a shooting star?

I have the feeling that great expectations are being created around a certain Cauldron, by the way.

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  1. It's the effect of the worst decision ever made - getting rid of Powerpack and Powerpack+ versions. Mandriva just went in wrong direction and has to bear with effects of these decisions.

  2. mwiklo, Mandriva 2011 still had a Powerpack version. The company had been troubled for years, but 2011 was the start of a turning point for Mandriva's fates: The entry of the deep pockets russian investors and the release of what's arguably one of most inventive implementations of KDE. This crisis wasn't caused by business management decisions, but by backstage turmoil betweens investors.

    I've never been a Mandriva user, but the bankruptcy of a Linux company with such a history is a real shame. Particularly because the reason for insolvency is some stupid and short-sighted shareholder (there's is no euphemism to this) refusing to increase capital and lose influence in the company,rather preferring to sink it all together. ROSA Laboratory was willing to cover the €4 million increase out of his own pocket, but the minority shareholder wouldn't allow it.
    I know nothing of businesses, but the now mostly certain insolvency of Mandriva, might prompt the russians to buy the whole company at a bargain price, could it not?

  3. 2012 has been so far a hard year for some Linux distros. Pardus is also having some problems, apparently. Now, back to Mandriva, what will happen to the community if the company sinks? Couldn't they keep the distro alive, even if not as strong as it used to be? I hope so.


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