jueves, 17 de mayo de 2012

Mandriva goes community-based

After so many months of suspense, the official announcement has been made: Mandriva, as a Linux distribution, will become a community-led project.

This decision has been received with enthusiasm by the community, whose disenchantment with the direction that Mandriva SA had taken kept growing.

The business strategy of the former parent company remains undisclosed, though.

However, one wonders if this move was made too late.  Mageia's popularity has increased.

And there's ROSA, too.

Even though some people assert that Mageia has simply fulfilled a temporary need of Mandriva users who now can go back to using their favorite Linux distro, the argument is not convincing. 

One thing is sure: if there is still a thriving Mandriva community, it will have to work hard to rescue their distro from the pit of irrelevance where it is buried right now.  And, in so doing, they will at last prove that their long-used claim blaming the company for the shortcomings of the distro was legitimate.

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  1. ROSA has plans on participating:

  2. @ anónimo,
    Thanks for the info. If that's the case, then Mandriva 2012 will probably follow the 2011 release desktop implementation.