sábado, 5 de mayo de 2012

Mandriva: A new appeal to the community

In a corteous and somewhat longer-than-usual post, Jean Manuel Croset has communicated with the Mandriva community again to inform some details of the situation (always mentioning that he is unable to disclose as much information as he would like) and to throw a new date on the table.  This time, it is the third week of May, the moment in which the company will unveil its roadmap.

I don't know if this is soothing or stirring, but I can't help hear the Shakespearean soothsayer warning: "Beware the ides of May, Julius Caesar"

ROSA has already got a lot of attention and many of us also love Mageia, which is about to send into the wild its release candidate of Mageia 2.

Let us see how these two facts affect Mandriva.

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  1. This lack of communication from Mandriva is causing more damage, in my opinion. Still, I hope this distro may survive.


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