jueves, 23 de mayo de 2013

On Mageia 3 install (not Live DVD)

This is the fastest fully-blown install that I have performed.  I used the Mageia 3 x86_64 install DVD and, in 1:30 minutes, my system was up and running.  This might seem excessive, but the time includes what I used for my personal configurations, printer, scanner, tweaks for multimedia playback, and favorite programs.

What I liked the most was that iBus works perfectly with a Spanish locale and the Japanese IMe anthy.  So, I guess the poor performance of iBus that I  I reported here has to do with the Live install.  Hey, I even checked that the packages needed were on place in the Live install but, even when they were there, iBus would not obey.

iBus package installation, Mageia 3 x86-64 DVD (on VM)

I suspect that Mageia 3 will be a real pleasure to use.

Kudos to the developers!

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