miércoles, 30 de julio de 2014

My Life with Firefox OS

Let me say it plainly:  I do not like mobile phones.  What's more, I hate them more than I hate regular phones.  However, when I decided to buy a mobile phone, I knew I wanted one with Firefox OS.

The problem was that they do not sell any Firefox OS phones in my country, so I had to go to Amazon and got a ZTE Open.

It is not the best smartphone in the market, I know.  In fact, I read lots of reviews before buying this phone.  The most interesting point was that it was labeled a "developer" device, not an end-user phone.  Even with its many "flaws," I made up my mind and bought this smart thingie because it has everything I want on a cellphone: Firefox OS ;-)

I had used an Android phone before and the difference between that one and the ZTE Open was enormous.  The Android phone, despite being old and partially damaged, was a tamed dog: it did everything it was commanded to, the apps were consistent and responded promptly, and the services were all orchestrated by Google, the master conductor.   On the other hand, the ZTE, thanks to its Firefox OS 1.0, was a true smartphone with a mind of its own: apps would occasionally install, but not launch, or they would open and close by themselves, and the sound would go mute showing the free will of the phone.  To sum up, it was like a herd of cats... er, foxes!

I thought that I had to live dangerously and decided to upgrade the OS to Firefox OS 1.1.  After all, if I bricked the device, it had been cheap.

After I followed this great tutorial here, my ZTE Open had Firefox OS 1.1.  With the new version, the rebelliousness of the phone went away and the device now behaves like a regular cellphone should, that is, predictably... So much that even my almost-four-year-old daughter loves playing with it.

Main screen (Yes, Nihilumbra!)
Main apps

My installed apps
Blogs screen :-)

I also use it more often because the apps that I like now work.  I check my email, browse the Web, keep track of my jogging (Run Recorder), manage my projects (Projector), study languages (Cabra Flashcards), and even chat in WhatsApp (via ConnectA2). 

But I make almost no calls.

Yes, I still hate phones :-P

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  1. Super cool!

    But why a ZTE Open and not a ZTE Open C (newer firmware)?

    What games do you kid play? Mine love Snakes and Ladders and Where is the red?



    1. Well, to be absolutely honest, I got the ZTE Open because of its price: as I knew I was going to experiment with the phone (risking bricking it), I went for the cheapest offer.

      She loves "Cut the Rope" and "Fishing Cat." I am going to get the two games you mentioned, thank you!

  2. I just hope they start shipping Firefox OS tablets someday! I would really like one!

  3. I am just wondering: What volume of data does your Fox consume per month? I just recently got my Open C and am not sure what throughput to expect...

    1. Mmm. Not sure how to answer that. The Usage app says it has consumed 102.51MB mobile and 43.21Wi-fi from July 1 to 31. In terms of money, all I can say that I use a pre-paid line and, since I never call, it still has 70% of the amount I fed it two months ago. I haven't had to throw more money to it... but maybe phone plans here are different.


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