jueves, 29 de enero de 2015

From Opera to... Vivaldi!

Yes, the name is familiar.  Vivaldi was that KDE tablet that never saw the light of day, but now Vivaldi is the name of a beautiful browser that runs on Linux.

When I say "beautiful,"  I refer to the transitions and interesting functions that identify this Chromium-based browser as a different species.

According to the story embedded in the technical preview, part of the team that developed Opera decided that they wanted to create a browser for their friends, one that puts the user first and, following this music, they created Vivaldi:

Vivaldi TP running on Mageia
After giving it a run, I can say that Vivaldi is like listening to "The Four Seasons": This browser is packed with the dreams, hopes , and expectations of a developer team that want to give the world a powerful net surfing tool with a human side.

The browser offers an emphasis on aesthetics, interesting options for customization, note-taking space, a welcoming community, and it promises future mail functionality and add-ons. 

Tabs relocated on the left side, title bar changes color depending on page loaded

I have to admit that I found it somewhat slow but, in general, I had a pleasant experience using the technical preview of Vidaldi.  Now I want to hear the symphony once it is finished. ;)

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  1. That seems a very interesting browser. I hope it does not follow the path of the Vivaldi tablet :(