martes, 13 de enero de 2015

On Relationships... with Computers!

It is interesting to hear my colleagues, non technical users of computers like me, comment on their average experience with their machines and the other computers that they have to interact with on a daily basis.

The reality is that, for many of us, our main work partner is a computer.  Yes, we interact with people when we teach and attend meetings.  However, when we are alone and must plan classes, prepare exams, write reports, or grade, the machine is there with us.

Most of my colleagues, obviously Windows users, seem to have engaged into a vicious usage pattern with their computers, one that, if it were a relationship, would be perceived as an abusive one: the user is "victimized" by the insensitive, demanding, and anger-prone machine.

For example, last November, since his Windows 7 computer had "walked out on him" (refused to work thanks to malware), a colleague "started a new relationship" with a machine with Windows 8.

Two days ago he wrote me complaining about the sourness of his "new relationship".

This is the same person that had told me that he hated Windows 8, but needed the computer so badly, that he could not wait. 

Ah, the nagging and the pain started soon for him.

Let us not blame the computer.  He had some problems with a Windows 7 machine before, so they "parted ways".  I took the machine to therapy (wiped out Windows and installed Linux) and now, with all her issues solved and having achieved internal peace, the machine is a great friend of mine and helps me happily. I enjoy working with it.

I do not even remember the last time I complained about the behavior of one of my computers... must have been when I was so fed up that I decided to go to counselling with Dr. Tux! :)

Well, while I have to admit that all my computers have now "dissociative identity disorder" because they all have multiple Linux personalities, each one of those identities is sweet, caring, tactful, and smart.

I started my ZaReason Strata with OpenMandriva today.  Instead of the dread that I experienced in my old days when dealing with Windows computers and I feared to see a virus warning or a blue screen, the machine literally started wishing me a happy 2015.
Cairo Dock new year greeting.  Wow, I was pleasantly surprised!

Ah, those little things... They do make a difference! ;)

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  1. You know, those little details do matter. When I read this post, I got motivated and contributed to OpenMandriva's fundraising campaign. Tell the folks there that they are doing an awesome job!

    1. Hey, thank you for your contribution! I will let them know :)