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A prickly questionnaire

When people see my OS, they always ask the question "What version of Windows is that?" I answer that I use Linux and most of them look at me as if I had spoken a word in some sort of an alien language. Then, afer I tell them what Linux is and what it can do, most of them give me a funny look, that funny look, as if I were delusional.

I understand that people feel comfortable with Windows, despite the fact that this OS has a talent for hiding or corrupting files, failing to rescue documents, getting all sorts of infections, and "upgrading" to mostly cosmetic features instead of significant ones. After all, under Windows, you can bloat the computer with third-party software to patch holes or obtain the benefits that an OS should give you...or, at least, to try to get very close to that.

However, without third-party solutions, Linux can rescue your files, even when Windows gives up on you. Read this. In addition, Linux has a price that is difficult to beat , and its learning curve has been grossly exaggerated.

I created this questionnaire (based on my experience with Windows) to ask back to those people who think that Linux was not a good idea for me. Maybe, this is going to explain my choice more clearly to them.

A Questionnaire for Windows Users--from an ex Windows user

1. When was the last time that Windows succeeded at rescuing your files?

2. Was the need to rescue files derived from a virus infection, a hacker intrusion, or a normal crash of your OS?

3. Do you truly think that your OS crashes should be considered "normal"?

4. What OS were you using last time you got a virus in your computer?

5. If your antivirus detects a virus but can't remove you know how to remove the threat manually?

6. If you do... Is that an easy process that you can repeat in exactly the same way for all viruses?

7. How long does it take to remove a virus (in average) using your AV software?

8. And without it?

9. Are you happy when you add up the cost of the OS, the office suite, and additional security software?

10. Do you pay for all that?

11. If you pay for your OS, do you do it because you are entirely satisfied with the product, because you are a loyal costumer, or because you have no choice?

12. If you did not pay for your OS, are you a proud pirate?

13. Would you like to get a legal suit from an economically-powerful software company?

14. What would you do if you got one from the company that makes your OS?

15. If you pirate not to pay for software...don't you think that using only free software makes more sense?

16. When was the last time you had to pay for your hard disk to be formatted and your OS to be reinstalled?

17. Do you feel satisfied calling formatting and reinstalling "regular maintenance operations"?

18. If you install your OS long does the process take?

19. Did you include the time for the office suite and all the programs that you like in your answer for #18?

20. Do you have any guarantee that the next version of the OS you use will support your printer, scanner, and other hardware?

21. How about the files you made with the office suite you paid for? Will those be supported, or are you going to be expected to buy a new office suite?

22. If you consider carefully your answers for #20 and #21, do you think that the company that makes your OS really cares for your needs as a costumer?

23. If you understand that the company wants to make a profit at your expenses and it overlooks your needs, why do you support it with your money and why are you even willing to pay others to solve the problems that the company's products create?

24. If your answer was "because there is no choice", you know there are other choices. If fact, you are seeing one. Why are you brushing off the question?

25. How much more are you willing to take in the name of your OS? Let me rephrase that, "What does it take for you to try other choices?

I asked myself all those questions a year ago and that explains why I am using Linux today. Of course, I had to learn to operate this new OS and I made mistakes. However, in all this time, I haven't had anything that resembles--even remotely-- all the problems I had with Redmond's OSs. Nothing justifies all the money and time I wasted with Windows in 11 years.

One thing is sure: when my Linux computer finally stops working, at least I will know that my OS did everything possible to keep it alive. Windows, on the other hand, just tells you that your computer is not "good enough" to run the OS. But I learned that, for Microsoft, no currently available computer is good enough to run the latest version of Windows anyway. Mark my words: your nice computer running 7 today will be "obsolete" by the time Microsoft releases Windows 8. However, we know that, although some of the hardware might have become "older", what is actually obsolete for the Redmond software company is their OS, not the computer itself. And they have no regrets about spending any amount of money to fool you into believing that your hardware is to be blamed!

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  1. Very good quetionnaire! Now, it would be great if users answered it honestly. Also, some fanboys out there could do the same, but that requires ethics that either their vision, probably clouded by the current paradigm, or their stubborn zeal may not let them use.

  2. Sorry for my bad grammar. I was in a hurry.



  3. 1.
    - Windows itself has never been able to rescued my files - Like Linux. On Windows or Linux, mostly because i sometimes act very dumb, i have always used a third party application to rescue my deleted files.


    - No my own stupid brain was the cause of it ;-)


    - Yep, mostly because i have messed around with the O/S. But it has been aged since have i seen Windows, Linux or Mac OS X crash (BSOD). Actually the recent thing seen been crashing, was my celluar phone - Sony Erricson. And that i don't regard as normal ;-)


    - Hmmm Windows 2000 or 2003. Forgot to setup firewall and AV-software. Again my stupid brain hates me and i hate my brain :-)

    - Yep, thanks to google - which are running on Linux. So actually thanks to Linux :-P

    - In my case it was very easy. Actually more easy than compilling MPlayer on a Linux box :-P


    - Don't know. Never had an infection with an AV-suite installed.

    - 15 minuttes i think, but it was years ago.


    - It makes my wife happy. If my wife is happy, then i'm happy ;-)

    - My work pays for the Officesuite, the OS is OEM and the AV-software is free as in free beer.

    - Actually i would but it this way ; If one produces a product, it is that induvidual that deceides how to distribute it, which license (Proprietary, Freeware, Free software, etc.), what price, etc. So to answer your question; no choice.


    - Nope.

    - Eh no... Who would ?

    - Run screamin' away...

    - I do not "pirate" software. .... yarrr (pirate sound)


    - I have never done that.

    - Nope.

    - Looooong time regardless the O/S. I've get lots .... i mean lots of data that needs to be backed up before, wipping the HD. Actually it's the data and installing programs that takes time.

    Linux ; setting up and configuring the desktop, tweaking the system to handle the hardware, installing drivers for the wireless network, installing programs which was not a part of the standard install.

    Windows ; setting up and configuring the desktop, install drivers ....

    Hang on!! It's almost the same procedure. Someting takes alonger time if it was a Linux install and shorter time with Windows - and vice versa...


    - Yup.


    - Nope and it's not just the hardware, but also software. No OS can guarantee that.


    - Yep they will be supported or it can be solved by conversion with no cost third party applications.


    - Yep they do. But i'm not naive, they also cares for their income ;-)


    - Se above answers :-)

    - Eh i'm not. :-)


    - It does not take much if your a technical gifted person.

  4. @ Mads,
    Most of this confirms my perception. Thanks!

  5. Very good questions. I've translated your questionnaire from English to Hungarian. As seen my blog. I'm wainting the reactions. :)


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