lunes, 24 de enero de 2011

My Netbook running Pardus 2011

So I installed Pardus 2011 as a third booting option in my netbook. I'm running Mandriva, Mepis, and now Pardus (Yes, no windows in my netbook) and I must say that it is working perfectly. I haven't had any plasma crash and everything looks nice. I even used the new Firefox to find pictures (Pardus picks up the wi-fi without any problem) and the GIMP to modify them. The result was this simple wallpaper ;-)

There are certain points that one has to notice:
1. Mepis can access the Pardus home partition, but Mandriva can't.
2. Pardus and Mandriva handle KDE effects better than Mepis does.
3. The Mandriva control center is still the most centralized and user-friendly tool for handling everything in the system.
4. Mandriva has access to Pardus through Samba
5. Mepis helped me make room for Pardus because Mandriva would not resize the home partition.
Well, I'm happy with the three operating systems. They have very interesting features and their stability is certainly notorious.

Here's the KWIN desktop grid effect in Pardus

I've also discovered that having three Linux systems is helping me organize my writing production.

3 comentarios:

  1. It's interesting to notice how each distro has its own flavor, right?
    Very nice desktop, by the way!

  2. Maybe it's about time to get back to Linux again. I have been looking at Pardus for a while and it looks pretty cool. And they have introduced yet another packet managemnt for Linux - i have pros and cons for this approach :-). I'll just need another laptop to test it on - no don't wanna mess around with a virtual machine ;-)

  3. I've used almost every Linux (KDE) Distro that's out there, icluding the latest (and worst) Linux Mint 10 KDE. Never have I used a KDE distro that was so thoroughly put together. I'm telling you and it's no exaggeration when I say Pardus 2011 is the best KDE distro available to the public to date. I challenge any Linux user to try Pardus and see if you don't feel the same way after using it for a few days. But I'm willing to bet you'll fall in love with it during the install process. I've tried Mint, OpenSuse, Fedora, Mandriva, Sabayon, Chakra, PCLinuxOS, Zorin, (Not KDE, but similar) Kubuntu and I must say, none of them has impressed me to the level that Pardus did. If you want to have a fully loaded OS that will let you have a full blown media center, with video and audio editing, I'd recommend this Pimp of an OS. If you are using Windows 7 or Vista and you want to try out a Linux Operating system that will work and do everything you can do on Windows right out of the box. (and much more) I suggest using Pardus 2011. This OS walks you through the instal process and there is no way you could screw it up unless you are a drooling vegetable. If you've been using Mint and you think Mint is the best Linux OS for new users, I have news for you guys.... Pardus does Wayyyy more out of the box than Mint will ever do. Why this OS is not well known to the rest of the Linux community is beyond me and frankly, it's a damn shame. I can't stress enough how great Pardus 2011 is, I will never use any other Distro and I think if some of you give it a try, you'll agree...


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