lunes, 23 de enero de 2012

Now it's the 27th

Mandriva users must now wait until the 27th to find out what the decision on the future of the company is. That came from a brief announcement on the Mandriva blog. It's been a prolonged suspense: first the resolution was expected on the 16th, then on the 23rd, and now it is scheduled to the 27th.

This is not offering much optimism or hope, but...

Pardus is also shaking, it seems.

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  1. These are hard days for our beloved distros...

    Still, I believe that the fuel of distros is more in the community than it is in a company.

    1. I agree up to a point Totoro.

      We have tons of communities in free software but few distros that are businesses as well.

      The success of Mandriva as a company that sells Linux is important for ALL distros not just Mandriva.
      RH doesnt do desktop, so tehy dont count in this equation and Buntu is a nice story but its one that depends strictly on a sugar daddy so it can NOT be repeated (unless sugar daddy hunting becomes a new thing in distros like it does in tech).
      Community without company (and money!) is ok with me but Linux will never expand much more than it has now. Community doesnt do business, it does technology. And great technology is NEVER enough for success. You need the company aspect to sell it and convince people taht they need it.

      If a company like Mandriva could make it work on the desktop, there was always hope that this method could be repeated by other distros and we all win.

      No matter how successful Buntu becomes, it is a one off success which can not be repeated.

      Thats why even though I dont use Mandriva anymore, I still hope it survives and flourishes.