domingo, 10 de noviembre de 2013

Some changes around here

With my recent installation of OpenMandriva Lx RC1, Mandriva is no longer present in any of my computers. I had to wipe Mandriva 2011 on both my desktop and laptop to make room for the new comer.

It's kind of sad... Mandriva, the distro that made me migrate from Windows, does not exist now.  I made some changes on the blog to reflect that fact.  For example, as I regularly use seven Linux distros, my badge now includes their logos.

This feels kind of exciting, too.  In a way, those changes also show me how much I have learned about Linux since 2009.

This has been a rewarding journey.  Let us see: 

  • 2009, I start dual-booting Mandriva and Windows XP.
  • 2010, Mandriva, Mepis, Pardus share my HDs; I no longer use Windows.
  • 2011 (jan), LibreOffice is released.
  • 2011 (jul), PCLinuxOS becomes part of my Linux family.  
  • 2011 (sept), Mageia makes its debut and earns a place with the other distros.
  • 2012  OpenMandriva Association is born.
  • 2013 (feb), PicarOS (GalpON MiniNO) becomes my daughter's favorite distro.
  • 2013 (mar), AntiX is added to the distros powering my netbook.
  • 2013 (sept), I install Pisi 1.0 RC1 to my laptop.
  • 2013 (nov), OpenMandriva Lx RC1 shares a place on my desktop and laptop.

Wow!  Lots of changes...

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