martes, 6 de julio de 2010

The Long Awaited Release of Mandriva 2010 Spring

Mandriva 2010.1 (Spring) has stirred a lot of emotions among the supporters of this great Linux distribution. Those understandable reactions, ranging from anxiety to effervescent volcanic wrath, have been recorded in several threads in the Mandriva Community Chat Forum.

Even the loyal people at MIB, who provide the nice count-down timer, joined the protests after so much uncertainty about the release and added the graffiti-style message replacing "to be released" by "should be released" to the counter. This was the effect of so many changes on the release date (the count-down was showing 23 hours yesterday;today in the morning, it had gone back to 1 day, 14 hours, and, at 9:15 PM today, it was showing 2 hours, 43 minutes... So what can you expect?)

Seeing that Mandriva S.A. has become some sort of a Darth-Maulish entity for the community and that the Chat Forum (to which I can perceive as the Death Star, no pun intended) is boiling with the emotions that Darth Vader was urging Luke to let loose, I think it is better to stay away from the community for a while and wait until Adelie decides to take her stroll on her brand new Spring clothes. I hope she does not come out as a Lady Sith, hahaha!

At least, this volatile compound of anxiety and anger proves that MANY people care for Mandriva, and that's certainly good.

1. The counter has changed again. It seems that Spring will be out today in the evening.
2. I cannot keep away from the community! They always find ways to have you back, such as the nice banner I'm showing on top of the blog (THANKS, SKIPPER!)
3. Mandriva Spring is called FARMAN, named after the first aviator (Again, thanks Skipper)

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  1. Well, as I see it, Mandriva users will have their new release before the arrival of Windows 7 SP1. Some sources said the latter would be for today, but others say it will be for September.

  2. Do not bet. Remember the ides of July have come, but not gone!

    The counter is now 6 hours when it should be 2.

  3. The new Mepis may be out at the end of this year...I don't think Mandriva will beat that!