lunes, 5 de julio de 2010

Popularity... or Performance?

Since Microsoft is not being very nice to XP users, I decided to check on some issues a person can have when migrating from dear old XP onto the shiny 7 OS.

This is what I discovered:

1. Remember that you must run a clean install, which means that your HD has to be erased. Some people are saying that this lack of upgrading compatibility is Microsoft's revenge on you for rejecting Vista.

2. Under 7, some users have reported problems with XP compatibility mode. This means that some of your programs might crash.

3. Make sure you can locate ALL of your drivers for Windows 7. So get ready for a good driver hunt...

4. If you have a laptop, CONSIDER THE BATTERY ISSUE.

Regarding #4, I even read there a post of a person instructing users on how to check the status of the battery first... using UBUNTU LINUX!

Can MS go any lower??

3 comentarios:

  1. People are really angry about the battery issue. Some of them are even considering taking legal measures, but I doubt they can get anything from Microsoft. They haven't even gotten an ANSWER since last year! Well, who knows? Maybe Win7 SP1 will come on its white horse to save the day...(if not, users can still get help from Ubuntu and other Linux distros!)

  2. "Before blaming Windows 7 or the questionable information that remained somewhere in the BIOS after an upgrade from XP or Vista to Windows 7, blame your laptop manufacturer for not providing a reliable way of recalibrating your battery!" :

  3. @ Theguy,

    That is only ONE source. Don't you tell me that you back up your opinions using only ONE source!

    Now,let's see: Batteries worked with XP and Vista. Upgrade to 7, they fail. Obviously, the problem is not the batteries, but how the OS miscommunicates with them!

    Again, are you trying to convince me that the hardware should adapt to the OS? That's irrational! Then we should call it IS (Inoperating system).


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