viernes, 2 de julio de 2010

New Windows Security Breech: Microsoft!

Dear Windows XP user, listen:

Windows XP is NOW UNDER ATTACK! But don't worry. Microsoft has got your back...Or maybe not?

A lot has been said about why Linux is inherently more secure than Windows. However, after reading this post (dated July 1, 2010) from PC Advisor, I realized that, right now, the security problems in Windows can actually be promoted by Microsoft. In fact, the security policy of the company has to do more with its business model than it does with costumer support.

While Windows XP users entrusted the security of their systems to the software emporium, which vowed support for XP until 2014, Microsoft's peculiar response to fix the problem reveals certain interesting facts.

1. Microsoft got the information way in advance, but remained relatively silent until the problem was disclosed and exploited publicly. Why didn't Microsoft hurry to correct the situation? Lack of interest, maybe? Or conflictive interests?

2. Microsoft told users in June 10 that they had to fix the problem themselves and released a "manual" for that purpose. Now, the problem was found in Windows Help and Support Center, automatic services that average users normally cannot control. To solve the issue, users were expected to get their hands dirty editing the Windows registry. Why was the company asking users to mess up with the registry? Doing so implies, for most Windows users, running the risk of actually destroying their systems. Doesn't Microsoft have the obligation to correct the issue in the first place? Or is it that the company switched policies and is now "educating" Windows users on how to dissect their operating system?

I believe this shows how much Microsoft cares for their loyal Windows users, who turn on their computers with confidence, feeling protected by the Redmond giant. The message is not so difficult to grasp: MICROSOFT WANTS WINDOWS XP USERS TO BE ATTACKED. They want you, XP user, to be victimized by viruses or exploits. This way, when you look for a solution, you are likely to inflict more damage to your system yourself. So you die by your own hand.

All this leads you to end up paying for Windows 7, which will certainly give Windows 7 sales a boost. What a nice business model Microsoft has created! Too bad that, in this paradigm, selling a new OS is more important than either security or support for costumers.

Windows 7 users might grin and think, "I don't care. I have 7 anyway." Well, that's absolutely true. I hope you can remain as confident once Microsoft releases Windows 8.

And people still hesitate to use Linux...

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  1. Of course Micro$oft does not want to fix those problems! Why bothering to do so if they will discontinue XP anyway? Instead, they will push Seven as a safer alternative and all the big bucks will go to them while the big bugs will come to us. Then, Seven's big bugs won't be solved because Micro$oft will solve them on Windows 8...when that happens, the story will start again!