domingo, 13 de enero de 2013

The comeback of Elive

"The world has not ended, so... now be Elive!"
This is a catchy phrase in the release announcement for those of us who, after seeing one of the most beautiful Linux distros go dormant, are now excited at the release of a new alpha of Elive.

This is not a review, only a quick image-test run.  Even so, one can see that the excitment is justified.

How does Elive behave in a VM?

The booting process is both fast and intuitive.  The first screens that you see let you choose your language and keyboard.

Then, you are asked if you want to have a mobile interface (I went for desktop), the size of the text and the behavior of the effects.  After answering, you see the default desktop:


You can access the menu by left-clicking on any point of the desktop.

The network was not enabled by default, but one can set it easily in two clicks:

Then you see the indicator that the network is up. 

You can close it and you can still browse the Web, which you do with Chromium, not Firefox :-( 

You can watch YouTube videos out of the box:

 Concerning software, it was gratifying to see GIMP, LibreOffice, and Audacious!

You can customize the pager to have less desktops (I normally work with only four) and add different wallpapers on each desktop.

The system was responsive and beautiful.

Then I tried the mobile interface.  I must say that it was responsive but, as I am not a fan of those things, I did not find it appealing.

For an alpha, this is a great-looking and promising release. We have to see the final version which, judging from this, will be amazing.

For more on the awakening of Elive, read here.

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  1. Hehe! We made posts on the same topic! :P

    Al least you posted the technical aspects and I went for the philosophy of the distro! :P

    1. Technical? I was simply drooling over my keyboard! :-P