martes, 11 de mayo de 2010

Forum Anxiety... The Death of Mandriva?

Today, I realized that a worry has seized the Community Chat Thread of the Mandriva Forum and emotions are stirring. Mandriva lovers, check this out:

Well, it's in French, but the message is clear: Mandriva is being bought by Linagora.

With this, the future of the 11-year distro is uncertain. Companies tend to buy others to get rid of competition, as with the case of Xandros (it bought Linspire and then stop working on it...and now Xandros is also dead).

The message in the Mandriva Forum is "stay put and see how things come out. The Spring version will come out normally."

Sure, but then what? If the company decides not to continue developing it, can Mandriva survive as a community-developed distro, as SimplyMepis and PCLinuxOS have done it?

Do I have to switch distros? If matters come to worst and I have, I can start using Mint (the distro that could have been my choice), switch to PCLinuxOS (nostagic Mandriva flavor), or go with Mepis.

In the meantime...I guess I'll stay put and see how things come out.

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  1. Well...I hope Mandriva stays alive. It has to.