martes, 15 de junio de 2010

Linux User? 7 Good Reasons to Go Back to Windows

With all this craze about morphing penguins that become African lynxes, French stars, green leaves from Ireland, German chameleons, Argentinean fireflies, and even American...ur, let me rephrase that...and even Mepises (whatever those are) from the US, many faithful computer users have fallen from the Windows of Grace unto the land of the unknown.

Allow me to present those wayward children 7 good reasons to come back from that Tuxlight Zone to the embracing, always-forgiving community of Redmond!

1. The Sky is Blue
And so is Heaven! BLUE! Why do you think the screen goes blue from time to time in your Windows system? That's a reminder of what is to come and what is in store for you once Windows gets to be 8. A vertical infinity of BLUE SCREENS! Surely, you don't want to miss it, do you?

2. Less Clutter Means SOMETHING
It means what? How would I know?? You have to meditate to get the answer! Windows XP gave you Explorer and Windows Movie Maker. Vista didn't give you Movie Maker, but gave you a demon--stration of Office 2007! Windows 7 Starter didn't give you anything! Meditate with me: Less is more, less is more, less is more...

3. All Work and NO Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy
Open your Windows for games! Oh, you are in your office and must work? Wait, open several programs at once, ONCE AGAIN, AND AGAIN, and ...THERE YOU GO! Now get up and look for some coffee while the machine reboots! Your computer is too powerful for that little game of ours? How about playing with a cute fork bomb made with notepad then? *Ethereal flute goes here*

4. Communication is Human Bonding!
Linux user, admit it: You feel ostracized because you cannot share any story about hideous viruses eating up your files with your peers . Remember, we shout from WINDOWS, but PENGUINS CANNOT TALK!

5. Repetition Aids Memory
Never suffer from oblivion! Anti-virus, flushing cache, and rebooting rituals enhance your memory.

6. Command Line Leads to Terminal Damnation
That is the last revelation: Sudo here, RD there, MD here and *BOOM!* you collect enough bad karma to spend six lives with Vista. Aha! Now you are getting closer to SEVEN!

7. Because Brother Ballmer Wants You To!

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  1. Clever! My new computer will have Windows 7! It will be a desktop PC, but I will ask for Win7 Starter on it because less is more, less is more...until we reach Nirvana: a computer with a powerful OS that will eat up all our resources to do...NOTHING! You will have to download everything if you want to start using it...but the price will be high, of course! Less is more...less is more...

  2. very clever :)
    I wanted to growl on heading XD

  3. Thanks. Just my little humorous rendition of good ideas others have come up with. :-)

  4. Seven actually good reasons to go back to Windows:

    1. Hibernation and suspend ACTUALLY work.
    2. You can get almost all the good Linux applications ported to Windows.
    3. You can buy any piece of hardware and be sure that it WILL work.
    4. It's faster you know? Go search for the benchmark made by Phoronix (Linux supporters) of Windows 7 vs Ubuntu 10.04
    5. Why would you learn Mono on Linux, if you can learn .NET on Windows? Not playing catch-up anymore.
    6. "Microsoft is a bunch of thieves. They don't like to support XP anymore, so they push people into Vista (7). Sure thing, there are morons here
    too (in the 90% percent of the world population), people who don't understand why would anyone want to use XP instead of Vista, but they're
    just regular people — with Linux you have distro makers who fail to understand why people would need a system that actually works and keeps
    working!" -- Béranger.
    7. You don't have to bear with an über divided and sometimes non-responding or unrespectful community, or choose between many redundant and equally broken alternatives. -- Béranger, too.

  5. @ Theguy,

    All your rebuttal comes from your skimpy knowledge of Ubuntu. Well, you claim to have used Mandriva once. Which one?
    I am basing my criticism on current facts. I'm not saying Windows is terrible because WinME was terrible.

    My systems have worked with Mandriva as they NEVER did with XP. Yet, you might say that subjectivity is rarely evidence for anything, right? Well, same goes for your Ubuntu experience.

    Working hardware? That depends on the drivers. I can operate my printer/scanner/MP4 player on Linux without any driver install.
    Drivers? As in Vista, they are also a problem in Win7.
    Hibernation and suspend? Windows computers crash, so nothing new there.
    Boot up speed? Run the test five-seven months later.
    Diversity? An advantage instead of a problem.
    Unsupportive, aggressive communities? Point well-taken there. There are some Linux communities I myself dare not approach. However, I prefer those than giving my money to a company that does not care for my needs as a user :-P

  6. This Theguy is a hardcore XP fanboy. I'd like to see him in a couple of years, when XP falls out of M$oft's grace and he finds himself with a broken system full of holes with no new patches to cover them and in which all viruses actually work! :P